Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments Way of Pain and Pain

 Common causes of low back pain

- Ankylosing spondylitis.

- Sciatica nerve pain.

- Intercostal nerve pain.

- Kidney disease.

- Degenerative lumbar spine.

- Lumbar spinal disc herniation.

- Osteoporosis.

- Lumbar spinal stenosis.

Recognizing the symptoms of low back pain like?

Usually pain in the lower back. Then it spreads down the legs. The pain will be worse with actions of bending, leaning, carrying heavy objects, ... sometimes sneezing with cramping pain.

- The feeling of back stiffness and numbness is very difficult in movement, it takes time to rest to work.

- With dull pain all day, having to try to massage in the morning, then low back pain has become chronic.

An effective way to treat low back pain without medication

 - The clinic's lower back pain therapy treatment with the latest methods and research, in which Chiropractic manipulation is the most effective method. We have a successful rate of long-term healing of low back pain, even when surgery and other treatments have failed.

 - The chiropractic treatment is known as the most effective treatment for low back pain and disc herniation.

 - The proven and confirmed chiropractic method can heal faster, more economically and has a definitive effect compared to any other treatment.

 - Chiropractic therapy is the return of the correct function and structure of the lumbar, thereby allowing to treat the root cause of low back pain, not merely reducing or reducing the temporary pain. time.

 - The doctors will combine chiropractic therapy with physiotherapy, exercises and guidance on problems related to all positions (walking, standing, lying, sitting).

Low back pain is used by doctors to help restore and develop cells, speed up recovery and shorten treatment time for patients.

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Our Back Pain Treatment in Scottsdale

At Functional Wellness Center, our chiropractors Drs Andrew Kellogg and Sarah Little specialize in helping patients not only get out of pain, but more importantly correct or address the root cause of it.

Most back pain is the result of poor postural habits, work place or auto accidents, or unresolved sports injuries. By rehabilitating the spine back to its ideal curvature, we are able to address the root cause of back pain.

Back pain isn’t something that has to be tolerated, masked, or ignored. If you are considering back surgery to address your pain and discomfort, you need to contact our Chiropractor in Scottsdale to learn more about our non-invasive, painless technique. 

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